About Big Poppa

It all started on a Tuesday night a few years back while munching on some freshly cooked pork rinds that a neighbor had made…

We looked at each other and wondered whether this could be the answer to our desire to become a food vendor. By the following Saturday we were at our first event! You can see from the picture that it was a humble beginning; a borrowed tent and borrowed tables. We broke even our first day and have never looked back! And so, Big Poppa’s Pig Skins was born.

Since that time we have worked hard to improve both the presentation of our product and our product itself. Big Poppa has perfected the art of the perfect fry. Our skins are both fluffy and crunchy! They truly will “melt in your mouth.”

We have developed a variety of flavors no one EVER thought to put on a pigskin, too! Anywhere from 12 to 20 different ones, depending on the season.

You see, we are also committed to obtaining local ingredients whenever possible. That means we buy Taylorsville apples in the fall and dry them for our Caramel Apple and Grandma’s Apple Pie flavors. When we run out of apples those flavors are gone till the next Fall. Most of our peppers are grown locally. We even buy our pork pellets (the things we fry to make your favorite snack) from NC!

It’s been quite the journey from that borrowed tent to where we are now and we hope to continue to grow so that we can bring the joy of the perfect snack food to as many folks as possible!